Angels’ Share By Kilian EDP 50ML



Angels’ Share” is a fragrance created by Kilian, a luxury perfume brand. Launched in 2020, it’s part of Kilian’s “The Liquors” collection. The name “Angels’ Share” refers to the portion of whiskey that evaporates during the aging process, said to be taken by the angels. This scent is inspired by the warmth and richness of cognac and aims to capture the feeling of celebration and the essence of a fine liquor.

The fragrance includes notes like cinnamon, oak wood, praline, vanilla, and tonka bean, creating a warm, sweet, and slightly spicy scent profile. Many users find it cozy, luxurious, and suitable for fall and winter wear due to its rich and inviting aroma.

Top note is Cognac;
Middle notes are Cinnamon, Tonka Bean and Oak;
Base notes are Praline, Vanilla and Sandalwood.