Salt Stone Lamp, Essential Oil Diffuser with Automatic Safety Switch




  • FLAME NIGHT LIGHT DESIGN: The humidifier can change the flame in 4 colors, presenting a realistic flame gradient effect, bringing a romantic and healing atmosphere at night. The combination of firelight and fog creates a realistic fire effect. One-button control or remote control to choose between strong flame and soft flame. Heating and romantic atmosphere in the room

  • ULTRASONIC AROMATHERAPY: Essential Oil Diffuser is perfect for every home, office, yoga. Add 3-5 drops of your favorite essential oil to soothe fatigue, moisturize the skin, reduce stress and create the perfect environment for you!
  • SALT STONE LAMP: After hundreds of millions of years of geological extrusion and underground high temperature, underground minerals and sea salt combine to form crystalline rock salt, which is a natural crystal salt

  • Waterless automatic shutdown: The aromatherapy atomizing humidifier has a waterless automatic shutdown design, which automatically stops working once the water is used up.